Electric Quarantinehead: 2 weeks at 750w
Carton, video.

A sculpture made of packaging from single portion microwave meals and frozen pizza. The sculpture came about during a two week period of quarantine, where I was confined to my apartment in Malmö at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The Grandiosa pizza, Findus and Dafgårds meals are ubiquitous in Swedish supermarkets and are a stereotypical staple with the elderly and people who live alone in Sweden. Inside the sculpture is a small screen which is visible from above, below and through the eyes and mouth of the head. On the screen is a looping playlist of 200 music videos which all play songs, mostly released by various governments, health care agencies and companies from all over the world, in various languages, which encourage people to wash their hands, socially distance, sneeze into their elbows and to be careful.