#knaggi (2014-ongoing)
Collaboration with Andreas Knag-Danielsen
C-print on paper and aluminium poster frames/105 x 100 cm (each print)

#knaggi consists of prints mounted on aluminum poster frames. The concept behind the work is that they document every photo on Instagram which has been tagged with the hashtag ”Knaggi” in chronological order. On social media, hashtags mark keywords and are used to categorize images, messages or topics. Each photo is repeated in its original size as it appears on an iPhone screen by the number of likes it has received. Meaning, that if a photo has recieved 14 likes, the image is repeated 14 times. Each print is 100 x 100 cm and is big enough to create a mosaic of images. The images are stacked vertically in chronological order, continuing onto the next print when the surface has been filled. The work combines both the automatic generation of content, personal spheres, digital personas and archival methods which are done by hand.

Knaggi is interested in the physicality and the archival aspect of these ephemeral images, originally intended to have a short life of a quick “scroll”. They have been active users of Instagram the last couple of years after graduating, and have been documenting their lives as an artist duo traveling to residencies and doing exhibitions in various places. As the project grows and their friends and the audience is becoming more aware of the impact they have on the project (a larger number of ”likes” results in a larger number of prints), it is their intent to explore and question the value of the ”like” and what value it has to our identities that now is being lived both online and offline. This work materializes this digital content, which was only created to exist and circulate in «the cloud», in order to give solid form to the products of our increasingly interconnected minds.